Well, I am sure we all have gone through this...we find ourselves wide awake at 3 AM and unable to fall asleep.  We toss and turn and try very hard not to look at the clock.  When we do look at the clock, we end up calculating how many hours of sleep we will get if we fall asleep "right this second".
    Years ago, we probably drank some warm milk (ick!), read a book, played some solitaire, watched a little TV and toyed with the idea of calling a friend, just in case SHE was awake drinking warm milk and playing solitaire, too!  Of course, these days, the internet has become a worthy replacement for those ideas .... and while you are waiting for sleepiness to set in, you might as well turn on that computer and keep busy, right?
    The links are family safe, so if you are looking for a little bit of "spicy" fun, I am afraid you won't find it here!  I can't guarantee that all the links will appeal to all people, but I am sure that most of you will find a little something to keep you busy!  

Have fun!! 


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