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1. What is the title of the email Meg Ryan first reads from Tom Hanks in the beginning of the movie?

2. For what newspaper does Frank write?


3. How many years had The Shop Around the Corner been open before it finally closed?


4. Which of the "shoe books" is Kathleen Kelly's favorite?


5. What is the name of the cashier in the supermarket where Kathleen tries to pay for her groceries with a credit card on a 'cash only' line?


6. What song is Annabelle singing for the family at Christmas?


7. What is Annabelle's relation to Joe Fox?


8. What word was used by Joe's grandfather to describe Kathleen's mother?


9. What book do we see Joe trying to read because Kathleen told him what a wonderful book it was?



10. What state do Joe and the kids wave 'hello' to, while they are standing on the docks by his boat?



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