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1. Which Sound of Music cast member was married to the late Robert Urich (of TV's Spencer for Hire)?

2. What do the children place on Maria's chair at dinnertime?


3. How many governesses did the Von Trapp children have before Maria arrived?


4. Who can climb up to the governess's window with a jar of spiders in their hand?

5. What did Marta say she wanted for her birthday?

6. After hearing the children sing to their father, what instrument did the Baroness say she should have brought with her to the house?


7. When Maria first meets the children, who comes in late?

8. In the above question...what item is the latecomer holding?

9. What day of the week is Marta's birthday in the movie?

10. Who always makes Maria kiss the floor after they have a disagreement?  



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