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1. Harry was dating Sally's college friend in the beginning of the movie - what was her name?

2. What is Sally's profession?  

3. Who's mother had a small role in the movie?


4. From which university did Harry's ex-wife graduate? 


5. Complete this line from the movie -"Restaurants are to people of the 80's as  _______ was to people of the 60's."

6. Which piece of furniture do Marie and Jess argue about when they move in together?


7. What does Harry eat in the car while he and Sally are driving to New York?


8. What section of the bookstore is Harry standing when he sees Sally there with Marie?

9. Who wrote the book Harry was reading when Sally called to tell him that Joe was getting married?

10. Everyone gets together to play a game at Jess and Marie's place...what was the phrase Sally supposed to sketch for the game? 


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