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Director: Rob Reiner
Writing Credits: Nora Ephron

                         MAIN CAST

Billy Crystal

---- Harry Burns

Meg Ryan

---- Sally Albright

Carrie Fisher

---- Marie
Bruno Kirby ---- Jess
Steven Ford ---- Joe
Lisa Jane Persky ---- Alice
Michelle Micastro ---- Amanda
Gretchen Palmer ---- Stewardess
Robert Alan Beuth ---- Man on Aisle
David Burdick ---- 9 year old boy
Joe Vivani ---- Judge
Harley Jane Kozak ---- Helen
Joseph Hunt ---- Waiter at Wedding
Kevin Rooney ---- Ira
Franc Luz ---- Julian
Estelle Reiner ---- Older Woman Customer

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1990 Academy Awards

* Nominated *
Best Writing  - Screenplay Written for the Screen

Nora Ephron

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Nora Ephron wrote the brisk screenplay for this 1989 romantic comedy, director Rob Reiner made a nicely glossy New York story (very much in a Woody Allen vein) out of it, and Billy Crystal's unstoppable charm made it something really special. Crystal and Meg Ryan play longtime platonic friends who keep dancing around their deeper feelings for one another, and Bruno Kirby and Carrie Fisher are their respective pals who fall in love and get married. Ryan('s).... performance is .... alive and intuitive, and she more than holds her own with Crystal's comic motor mouth and sweet sentimentality. Reiner is on comfortable ground, liberated from the burden of making serious statements in the lead-footed manner of subsequent features. --Tom Keogh

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