" Shall We Dance? "

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I am sure everyone has their own favorite romantic movie scenes - a kiss, a wedding, long lost loves finding each other again, two people falling in love for the first time, but what I have chosen to do is to highlight some of my favorite dance scenes from the movies - old and new.  Some are romantic and others are funny and sweet and exciting -- so put on your dancing shoes and enjoy!! :)

~ The Sound of Music ~

One of my favorite movie dance scenes...Captain Von Trapp and Maria dance to an Austrian folk dance.  She is the simple governess and he is the charming and powerful naval hero....this is honestly one of the most romantic movie dance scenes ever.

The Sound of Music

Witness..with Harrison Ford!

~ Witness ~

I know....this picture is a tad bit fuzzy, but that is definitely Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis. They have a sweet little dance scene in a barn, lit up by a lantern and the headlights of his car.
(How romantic!)  *grin*

Dirty Dancing 1   Dirty Dancing 2
~ Dirty Dancing ~

I remember this being one of my favorite movies when I was
a teenager and I decided I most certainly couldn't do a page
about dancing in the movies without highlighting a scene
from this dancing movie!

~ Emma ~

One of my favorite Gwyneth Paltrow movies!  In this darling little scene, Emma's friend - Mr. Knightly - shows himself to be 'knight' in shining armor to the sweet and very shy Harriet.  Although Mr. Knightly doesn't like to dance, he promptly asks Harriet to dance with him after she is horribly snubbed by one of the party-goers. 


An American President 2   An American President 2

~ The American President ~

Michael Douglas and Annette Bening definitely make a
very elegant couple in this smart and pleasant little movie.

Babe 1   Babe 2

~ Babe ~

This is a short, but cute little dance scene. 
Babe (the pig!), is very sad and ill....so the farmer
does what any farmer would do for a sad
and ill little pig.......he dances for him. :)


~ Titanic ~

Jack and Rose join together in a festive dance in the lower quarters of the ill-fated Titanic.

(....I am definitely running out of interesting commentary for some of these pictures!)  :o)

Zorro 1   Zorro 2

~ Zorro ~

This is quite an energetic (and steamy) movie dance scene! 
You will definitely want to rewind the tape to watch Antonio
a few more times!  :)

~ Nine Months ~

At the end of this movie, Sam and Rebecca dance with their newborn baby boy as he slowly drifts off to sleep.  Movie dance scenes really don't get much sweeter than this one!

Nine Months

Beauty and the Beast  Beauty and the Beast

~ Beauty and the Beast ~

And my daughter has put in her vote for her favorite
movie dance scene, too!

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