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All of the graphics on this page are my own original creations.
You may use these graphics to decorate your personal web pages.  I only have a few requests: please do not include the graphics in other clipart or e-card collections, do not change the colors or build new images with them (banners, buttons, etc) and PLEASE do not link directly to the images - you must download them to your computer (right-click on the image and save).
See...that wasn't too bad, right? :) 
(Psst... don't forget to take a logo with you to link back to my site!  Thank you!!)

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platepink     plategreen   plateblue 

bowlgreen  bowlblue bowlpink


   teapink  cuppink   teagreen   cupgreen   teablue   cupblue 

apple     banana    peach      eggplant      carrot   corn 


jarblue.gif jarbluesugar.gif jargreen.gif jargreenjam.gif

jarpink.gif jarpinklove.gif jarpurp.gif jarpurpjoy.gif


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