A Little About Me

My name is Jen. I live in the northeastern part of Pennsylvania. In January 2000, I received my 2-year degree in legal studies. I am now back in school (again!) to pursue a degree to become a registered dietician. I have spent the past few years trying to decide upon the 'perfect' major... which would lead me to the 'perfect' career... in the 'perfect' location ... to meet the 'perfect guy', etc, etc. Anyone who has gone through this, should know exactly what I am talking about - you want to do everything, but can't decide on just one thing you want to do for the rest of your life. In the meantime, I'll just keep crossing my fingers and just hope that I am headed in the right direction! :)

Hobbies and Activities

Winter: My winter activities are limited to making snow-angels, drinking hot chocolate, and building snowmen with my niece, Monica. I can also be found shoveling my car out of Pennsylvania snowdrifts and counting the days until spring comes again! (A little trivia: I live about 30 minutes from the very town (Honesdale, PA) which inspired the song "Winter Wonderland")

Autumn: Stargazing. The autumn is absolutely my favorite time of the year for stargazing. Of course, a stargazer must go stargazing with several essential stargazing items: binoculars, Peppermint Patties (the official stargazing snack), a thermos of warm tea or cocoa, a blanket, my favorite stargazing manual, and a flashlight. *Stargazing tip: paint the flashlight with red nail polish. It reduces the glare when you are looking through your stargazing book! :)
Oh and make sure you take a peek at my favorite constellation: Bootes

Any season: Spending lots of time with my teenage daughter, Meghan, watching tv/movies, running, playing Sims 2 & 3, reading books (I am always reading 2 or 3 books at the same time, but I often forget to finish them!)

24/7: In the end, one of my favorite ways to spend time is to use my computer. Aside from web design, I also enjoy video editing, freelance writing, game modding, online game playing and blogging. You can take a peek at some of my creative online creations below.

My YouTube page - my three videos based on POTC and Harry Potter
My E-How Articles - various How-To Guides
A Sims 2 Mod - my old 'WooHoo for Teens' mod
Living Jenergized - My Food and Health Blog

Movies, Music, Books & TV Favorites

Movies: The Sound of Music, When Harry Met Sally, Emma, A Few Good Men, An Officer and a Gentleman (great ending!), The Abyss, Mean Girls, The 10th Kingdom, Meet the Parents, Serendipity (I love John Cusack), Keeping the Faith, Quiz Show, An American President.

(Movies I am ashamed to admit I like:Grease 2, Speed 2)

Music: Groove Coverage, The Corrs, Sarah Mclachlan, Atomic Kitten, Within Temptation, Jewel.

Fiction Authors: John Grisham, Jane Austen, Michael Crichton, Kristin Britain, and Susan Elizabeth Philips.

Other books I read: History books (specifically books about the Revolutionary War), computer reference books, parenting books, make your life 'better and more interesting & meaningful' books, nutrition books, and biographies. I also have an entire bookcase dedicated to reference books, trivia books, dictionaries and encyclopedias of nearly every kind (Dictionary of Clichés, Dictionary of Names, Rhyming dictionary, Encyclopedia of Costume, Encyclopedia of Latin Terms, etc, etc).

[Click to view my Amazon.com wishlist...just in case you are feeling generous!]

TV (old and new): Lost, Buffy, Angel, Little House on the Prairie, ER, SG-1, Degrassi: Next Generation, Battlestar Galactica, MST3K, Gilmore Girls, Grey's Anatomy, Two and a Half Men...and um - Wife Swap, The Apprentice, Survivor. I enjoy a nice mix of comedy, drama and reality TV.

And we must not forget....Chuck Woolery. I had such a crush on Chuck when he was the host of the matchmaking game show, Love Connection, and I felt he deserved to be mentioned here!

(Note: The above images were created by me.  Visit my graphics page to find out which ones can be used on your web site..thanks!)

Miscellaneous Likes - (just a few)

Peppermint Patties - Possibly the world's most perfect candy. Thank you, Mr. Hershey!

Bees - they make honey and spend lots of time buzzing around the flowers...what can be better than that?

Sunflowers - I collect lots of sunflower items - they are such bright and cheery looking flowers!

Turtles - I think they have the cutest little faces! I collect a lot of these, too. (Not real turtles...just knickknacks and pictures, etc!)

Harrison Ford - no need to explain this one! He's just awesome. (Christian Bale is very close behind!)

Vanilla Ice Cream with Rainbow Sprinkles - yummm!

Monet - I have a Monet mouse pad (Japanese Footbridge and Waterlily Pool at Giverny) and I have a large Monet print hanging behind my bed (The Artist's Garden at Giverny) ..... I am certainly not an expert in the fine arts, but I really like the subtle, breezy, and colorful way he painted the world around him. Very pretty!

Websites of family and friends

My brother's web site: WebcomicZ and NuForge.com
My father's web sites: Nicksaid.com and US Citizen Now

flash item

Well, there are just soooooo many more things I can share with you (I call it the Energizer Bunny Syndrome.....I go on and on and on...), but I am sure you have heard more than enough for now! :) Use the menu below to visit the rest of my site!


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